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Dust never sleeps

Landscape, Street Photography, Documentary

This series presents a vision of Shanghai as a state of mind, both oneiric and limitless in its stillness. A place emptied of its habitual crowds, inhabited instead by composite geometry and neat lines outlining space and volume. Desolate, alone and broken, a strong visual metaphor of human being.

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Vanishing act

Landscape, Contemporary Issues, Fine Art

In the summer of 2016 I lived six weeks, completely alone, in a 28 floors building in an uninhabited district of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. One early morning I was on the rooftop and a bright mist surrounded me while I was listening Vanishing Act, a song by Lou Reed. Here the lyrics above the landscape.

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Postcards from the anthropocene

Landscape, Contemporary Issues, Documentary

A visual journey into the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region depicting the transformation of urban areas driven by the profound Chinese process of economic and social change, the photo series reveals the core of the urbanization processes in industrial and postindustrial societies.

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Current Location: Milano, Italy