Yemen: A Weary Nation

Alex Potter

2012 - Ongoing

Four years of war has worn Yemen down. The cholera outbreak, with over one million cases in less than a year, is only a symptom of the greater disease. While civilians are dying at an alarming and un-recorded rate due to airstrikes and on the ground fighting, the greater disaster in Yemen is that of shortage: a blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition and the ever-weakening economy has brought Yemen to a standstill. Government salaries have stopped, little aid can be imported, social structures that have held Yemen together through the ages are breaking down, and families can no longer provide for themselves, much less their neighbors. This project shows the path of Yemen from post-revolution election to the current day conflict.

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  • Yemeni women spray graffiti calling for the judgement of ousted President Saleh.

  • Members of the Yemeni military march in a parade to commemorate the end of the revolution.

  • Yemeni women raise the flag of former South Yemen in protest.

  • A supporter of the Houthis, a politico-religious revolutionary group, keeps watch from a mountain during one of their rallies.

  • A young boy supporting the Houthis holds a flag at one of their rallies.

  • A girl visits the graves of Houthi martyrs killed in previous wars against them.

  • Yemeni women gather at a female-only protest to support the Houthis "People's Revolution".

  • Yemeni men from the countryside attend a sit-in prior to the Houthi takeover and coup in Sana'a.

  • Yemenis search for their neighbors after an airstrike hit homes in the Old City.

  • Yemenis search for their neighbors after an airstrike hit homes in the Old City.

  • A Yemeni woman displaced from her home in Sa'ada to a school in Sana'a holds her beads while praying.

  • A Yemeni girl from the marginalized Muhammasheen community stands for a portrait in her home that was destroyed by an airstrike.

  • Yemeni men wrap their mother for burial with the help of nurses; she was killed when a shell launched by the Houthis hit their home.

  • Yemeni brothers climb the stairs of a damaged building on the outskirts of Sana'a.

  • A Yemeni boy recovers in the hospital in Hajjah after he was injured in an airstrike that hit a wedding.

  • Crowns worn by wedding-goers sit in the window of a building that was damaged when the celebration was hit by an airstrike.

  • A Yemeni nurse pulls back the curtain at a health clinic for malnourished children.

  • Yemeni women from Taiz sit in a tent for the displaced in Lahj.

  • Yemeni women with chronic illnesses sit in a house that has been converted into the home for the dying; none of them are able to afford proper care.

  • A Yemeni man and woman walk along their fields of crops in a village were a wedding was hit by an airstrike.