The expanse of solitude

Alexandra Dewez

2021 - Ongoing


As I have struggled with isolation these past 18 months, not only because of covid but also due to severe injury and other life events, I have come to examine both the beauty and turmoil of solitude. I decided to express my view of solitude by creating a character, the blond woman, and showing through images of her but also of her environment her inner struggles, her moments of elation, the vastness of her immediate environment and how that can amplify/contrast/reflect a person's sense of isolation. The paradox lies within the reality that no matter how alone we feel we are surrounded by a greater world. Through still images and video I hope to share her world, both inner and outer, and to invite the viewer to not only experience the images on an aesthetic level but also to react emotionally to the feelings stirred within. I have just slowly started this project since arriving in Denmark where I will be for the next few months. It is a physical setting that is particularly inspiring to me in relation to these themes. I hope that once completed I can share this project through an immersive installation combining large prints and video screens in a single room so that the viewer will "step into" the character's mind.

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