Landscape , like photography, is a modern ideal

Alexandra Von Fuerst

2016 - Ongoing

“Landscape, like photography, is a modern ideal” is an ongoing series questioning the application of the term landscape in contemporary photography. Detached from its realistic value, the series reveals landscape as the reflection of our imaginative engagement with nature, or, in other words, a mirror of our perceptual process. The image, being an organic form, is a whole interrelated with nature through imagination, making imagination become the parallel of our mind into what we call reality. Influenced by the romantic tradition in the research for the sublime as well as early 20th century studies on psychoanalysis, the images are a bridge between abstraction and reality, a lived dream-like state, independent from representation and knowledge. As emotions come into being in relation to perception, the viewer is invited to engage in a process of feeling aiming to revaluate its connection to nature itself. In a world in translation between virtual and actual, the landscape allows the feminine value within nature to come to surface, following the thread of modern ecofeminism. Details of nature are here projections of an interrelated whole, a net between the micro and the macro cosmos and the traces of humanity on environmental wellbeing. Collected between 2016 and 2019, the images have been shot through Europe, South America and South-East Asia as part of a personal study on the subconscious and its translation into reality.

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