A Study of Fertility

Alexandra Von Fuerst

2019 - Ongoing

"A Study of Fertility" is part of an ongoing project on the relationship between women, nature and creation. Interpreting the female reproductive system as symbol of life, death and rebirth, the series brings awareness to the taboo of menstruation and reflects on its sacrality and fundamental role within female health.

Embodying an approach of respect and caring, integrity and diversity are recognised and preserved through sacredness, exploring the relation of women with the wisdom of earthly creation and replacing a leading male-centred perspective on the world with its own language of intimacy and sensibility. Displaying social wellbeing in a sensitive approach to sustainable development, the series refers to fertility within the natural cycles of growth, in a balanced connection between the rhythms of human and nature. To respect and celebrate menstruation as a key aspect of life means to acknowledge it as a human right issue, replacing shame with self-worth and acceptance.

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  • The Goddess of the Moon of Blood

  • The Substance of Venus

  • Center of Stability

  • Sitting at the side of the River

  • Gazing at the Garden of Life

  • Rebirth into a Flower

  • Flowers need Time to bloom

  • Transmutation

  • Memory of True Love

  • The Butterfly Effect

  • The Lightness of Acceptance

  • Seeds of Renewal