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Love Notes

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Contemporary Issues, Documentary, Social Issues, Daily Life

Ihab and Yousuf are two among the millions of people that in 2015 fled ISIS in Iraq, and Syria.

Before the end of the year they were in Finland hoping to have a chance to re-build their lives.

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Cinema Marrocos

The population of Brazil, as recorded by the 2008 PNAD, is approximately 190 million and 83.

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Liljana, the teacher of the locked children

Social Issues, Documentary

Gjakmarrja is a part of the ancient law of Kanun.

According to this anyone who commits a murder has to pay for it. The family who suffered the loss is meant to take back its honor by killing anyone of the male members of the family of the offender

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Patra the door of Europe

Patras - Greece - Greece is the european country with the less percentage of acceptation of request of residence permit and asylum.

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No More Words

Daily Life, Street Photography

No More Words is a photographic project about people and their realtion with tecnology.

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Daily Life, Nature & Environment, Documentary

The strong bond between Finns and their wild and vast territory is celebrated also by the ancient fight between life and death in the forest,

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Shot in the eye

November 2011.

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Ilha da Madeira, the consequences of the Progress

Social Issues, Contemporary Issues, Nature & Environment

The silent death of a corner of Brazil and its fishermen population

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Syrian Refugees in Egypt

As a consequence of the conflict in Syria between the so called revolutionaries and the loyalist to the president Assad, hundreds of thousands of people left the country because of the war.

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Fratelli d'Italia

"Fratelli d'Italia" is the first verse of the Italian national anthem, and is also the name of an on going project started in 2013.

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