Tiberina mon amour

Alessandro Lacché

2016 - 2019

Rome, Latium, Italy

The Tiberina Cycling Lane crosses Rome from part to part, caressing the banks of the Tiber River. Unknown to most people, the path allows its visitors to an unusual point of view towards one of the most visited city in the world. A peculiar flora and fauna inhabit the road, flowing out from the dazzling lights of the Eternal City, uncovering the veil of mystery about what Rome really is. Neglect and decay are mixed with the ubiquitous historical legacy, drawing a gloomy present but, nevertheless, reminding us of the infinite possibilities of the Great Beauty. While traveling along the road, traversing the city, a genuine link can be felt deep down and the initial anger against all the missed opportunities slowly turns into a warm feeling. Indeed, this a love story...

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