A Part of Me

Ana Espinal

2019 - Ongoing

New York, United States

I use photography as an exploration of the everyday lives of women. I make images that focus on topics that are related to women's issues such as femininity, beauty standards, and body images. My vision is to create photographs that are visually beautiful, provocative and challenge the viewers to engage more deeply with my work. I am interested in revealing the intimacy of the female body, the pain and the imperfections that are not openly talked about and remain invisible.

Color is fundamental in my work, and I experiment with it to express the various aspects of femininity. I carefully manipulate the photographs to harness the optimum expressive power of image-making.

“A Part of Me” is an ongoing project I started at the beginning of 2019. This body of work focuses on the beauty of the female body and the importance of the menstrual cycle. Women around the world frequently are compelled to feel embarrassed during their period, and there is a sense of shame associated with sharing their menstrual experiences. My intention in this body of work is simply to show that menstruation is something natural and it is a part of the female essence as well as the cycle of life.

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