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Of all the regions in the world, sub-Saharan Africa is the most hostile for albinos. Tanzania is the most affected country because of the attacks against them. In Tanzania, there is 1 albino for every 1,400 inhabitants, an average well above of the world average, which is 1 per 20,000 inhabitants.

The scorching sun characteristic of this continent does not have Mercy with their eyes and skin, becoming vulnerable to cancer. But overall, albinos suffer from attacks (abuse). They are murdered, albino women are raped believing that they can cure AIDS and, they are mutilated, their organs are sold in the market at a high price to practice black magic potions. Deep-rooted local beliefs in Tanzania ensure that the parts of their body bring luck in business and politics, generating a sinister trade.

At the south of Lake Victoria, there is an island called "Ukerewe" where the albinos seek for safety. In this place, they feel protected against attacks by the geographical conditions of the island, in comparison with the rural areas around Lake Victoria, which are the most affected by the violence towards people with albinism. The deaths are linked to the gold and diamond seekers, and also the lake fishermen are joining this trade seeking good luck.

After a close conversation with albino people, they all agreed that the safest place for them is the intimacy of their own bedrooms, underneath a mesh (mosquito-mesh ), where they are protected from the sun rays and violent attacks.

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  • Miyango Alfan(40)

  • Teresa Finias(30)

  • Nansato Sostenes (41)

  • Abdala Alfan (4)

  • Pascal Valentin (54)

  • Musa Manyasi (33)

  • Florentina Ngoroma (39)

  • Debora Sostenes Muganga (40)

  • Asteria Cristopher (20)

  • Neema Kajanja (34)

  • Amidu Didas (24)

  • Riziki Biseko (38)

  • Elias Sostenes (29)