The Claxo M. Project

Alejo Reinoso

2016 - Ongoing


Over the years we have noticed about extraterrestrial life, in some way. Never we had a real key: no proofs, no life. We have been fed by extraordinary references of their anatomy. What if they are nothing similar than what we imagine of them, imagine it. What if they have being one of us since ever. What if they use Instagram.

Claxo M. started in a certain coincidence while working on a photo assignment about spiritual and religious diversities in Quito, Ecuador. I chose to follow and meet Misión Rahma, a meditation group searching for extraterrestrial contact. At the same time I was in trouble and caos on my personal photo archive.

While I was editing photo galleries on the phone I discovered some kind of conversation between many images. Some guided by common visuals or identity, other ones in a symbolic way, but a lot of them around the Contact thing: fiction and reality at co-living. With help of mobile apps I created a narrative based on a representation of the visions of this guy from beyond that has been visiting Earth and has had to create a profile to share with the (other) World.

Claxo M. is a digital photography project that combines still, moving images and sound.

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