La Creciente

Alejandro Chaskielberg

2007 - 2010

The series La Creciente emerges from the time Alejandro spent at the Parana River Delta in Buenos Aires, far away from the city, absolutely connected with the river, nature and the local people living in the island. During that first year he lived on the island he took only 12 photographs working with extreme precision in the composition of the images: the full moon, the geography, the local people and nature itself combined. Images required up to ten minutes-long of exposure which demanded people to stay in place, not a movement whatsoever, while Alejandro walked around the scene adding light with a flashlight where it was needed according to his aesthetic perspective.

This Argentine photographer has lived in different islands of the Parana Delta during two and half years, in order to complete this series of photos. Alejandro invited the islanders to be the immobile protagonists of long time exposures by night where he portrayed their everyday lives,

The scope of this project was to document the way the community living in the islands of the delta lives and works. It is a community whose existence is often ignored and they live under still-marginal economic conditions. The genesis of this work was not brief. Influenced by books and projects that tell about this great river, Alejandro began to observe how the people there lived and worked in a natural environment in which the preponderant element is water. Every day he crossed the Paranà in a motor boat, meeting island residents here and there—on the wharf or in some store or gas station. This allowed him to get to know the islanders sharing with them the same daily life. It took months to gain their trust.

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