Sara Di Franco

2019 - Ongoing

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

Although this is my latest project, it seems like I’m actually working on it since I started my job as a photographer. It took a long time, because incommunicability is definitely one of the most common feature of that condition called “Major depressive disorder”. I am in this condition, since the age of 17.

Depression is a prison without bars and walls, a detention with no early release allowed. The recreation time can consist in single, bright moments that sometimes can be more intolerable than the dark ones for the people who find themselves in this condition.

Another common feature of depression is the process of self-annihilation led by the false conviction of being useless, worthless both for themselves and others. Getting up from the bed, doing laundry, cooking or even taking a shower become difficult things to do, and this can’t be classified as life. It always feels like we are not really there, not really present in a room/situation; in the worst moments this feeling become a desire.

“Prisoner” is a whispered scream from an isolating and all-affecting daily life, shown as cruel as it is.

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