Intimate portrait of the inner world

Sara Di Franco

2018 - Ongoing

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

Absence. Everybody has gone through this feeling almost once in his lifetime, and everybody knows that awful sense of emptiness so hard to describe.

In my life, absence has been a main element since I was a child, so I started to analyze this feeling in order to understand how to manage it.

Through this project I would express what I have stared to learn about this complex and sometimes painful feeling.

The absence may not be just what we don’t have anymore or what we have lost, but it might be considered more like a clear presence of something that doesn’t give up, that lasts over time even if we can’t see it anymore. During the darkest and quietest hours, the city reveals all the signs of daily life and gives emotions ranging from anxiety to calm, from the fear of being alone in the silent night to the relief of feeling welcomed to places that are no more asphyxiating. So it's during these hours that eyes can finally start seeing again, like after an awakening.

By walking in the night around the city, I’ve found out how much similar were that sense of emptiness, awful but kinda comforting at the same time, and the almost deserted streets, illuminated by the cold light of the lampposts, frightful but definitely fascinating.

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  • Going somewhere

  • The meeting

  • Vini tipici

  • When the bell rings

  • Hide and seek

  • The overtaking

  • Teared apart

  • Bus for invisible men

  • Standing up

  • On stage

  • Nothing else matters

  • A stairway to somewhere

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