Alyona Kochetkova

2019 - Ongoing

This is an ongoing project that started on my trips to the Russian North. It is an analysis of feelings and conditions that a personal experiences on the road, away from home.

Journeys have much in common with fishing – every time you’re casting a net, hoping to get a big haul, you can’t be sure if you catch something or not. So the most valuable thing about each place is not getting a new kind of experience, but disappearing into the ongoing moment, entirely feeling it. Don’t split into pieces or sort the things you’re watching, just take it as it is in its wholeness. 

Ironically, the root of traveling is a subconscious need for new experiences hiding a refusal to sort out internal problems and a desire to leave the familiar environment to be alone with yourself.

You can feel it clearly when the home is behind, but the destination isn’t reached yet. When the decision and first step were made, you find yourself anticipating the changes behind the gate to something new. The most difficult part is not to become stuck with things arising both inside and outside of you. The goal is to get the inner silence, but not similar to dead silence in a concrete basement. It should be living like a plowed and fertilized ground waiting for the seeds to grow the garden.

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