In the flesh

Anna Karaulova

2019 - Ongoing


In my head I have an idea about how I look, what my face and body are, and what impression I make on people around. As anyone of us does. An image of myself. I can think about myself as smart, beautiful, pleasant and healthy. Or, on the contrary, as ugly, weak-willed, unpleasant, sick and unworthy of love. Or maybe all together. But am I being honest with myself, creating this image? What part of it emerges as a result of interaction with the society, imposed stereotypes, thoughts put in my head by somebody? And what part is a sincere and balanced view of myself?

The goal of my project is to get to know me again. For this I immerse myself in the personal intimate experience of my body as an important part of my image. Trying to be honest and listening to my intuition, I recreate the images that are born in my head and shoot self-portraits exploring my thoughts about myself and accepting myself as I am. The selected techniques help me in my project. I work with film for physical contact with the material (manual development and printing) and use unique technique to take “imprints” of my body. For this I paint my body with a roller and then transfer the image to the paper.

In a way, this project is my meditation – time that I allow myself to spend with true me.

The project was presented in Uglich, Russia in an exhibition that also included a video and "imprints" printed on the big pieces of textile (1x2,5 m long). Last photo shows a part of the exhibition.

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