Yet I have been a tree in the woods ... dreamed of high rocks, open spaces and sky overhead

Alice Jankovic



"I went into the woods because I wanted to live wisely, to face only the essential facts of life, and to see if I could not learn what it had to

teach me, and not to discover, on my deathbed, that I had not lived. to live what was not a life, unless it was absolutely necessary. I

wanted to live deeply, and suck all the marrow of it, live as a Spartan stalwart, so as to destroy everything that was not life, mow wide

and close to the ground and put then life in a corner, reduced to its simplest terms."

Walden. Life in the woods H.D. Thoreau

Inside an old box I found a dusty book called Walden. Life in the woods 1854, and ancient photographs of a distant relative who lived

in the early 1900s.

This discovery intrigued me to the point of narrating through the medium which photography is a story, of an ancestor of mine who

felt the call of the forest to the point of leaving his dearest loved ones and his comfortable life and starting a new life. in the name of


The forest is a place that has fascinated man since ancient times, an almost evocative magical place, it is the living image of the limit

of man's civilizing action, it is a geographical, psychological and anthropological frontier, in the wood man evokes the labile

primordial boundary between man and beast.

As the Swiss writer Walser said, the forest is like a "green wave, a fluid that envelops and makes man feel the same wood."

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  • Title: Nest
    By building the house, man reveals the same attitude of bees in building the nest

  • Title: Part of the woods
    Ancestor in the forest

  • Title: Roots

  • Title: Fern Man

  • Title:Inside the woods

  • Title: The notebook

  • Title: Contact

  • Title: Stone
    The stone and rocks that have contributed decisively to the development and progress of human civilization.

  • Title: Scent of cut wood

  • Title: At the first light of dawn

  • Title: Feather

  • Title: Forest melody

  • Title: Like a bird

  • Title: Presence

  • Title: Sweet memory

  • Title: Undergrowth

  • Title: Footprints of light in the woods

  • Title:You don't have to blame me if I speak to the stars

  • Title:White Forest