While the moonlight showers upon my dark robe

Andy Happel

2018 - 2019

Pressure to perform, career, comparatively early marriage. The life of young Chinese is shaped by conservative ideas of their families and society.

However, the most populated country in the world is a fast changing one. The ambience is changing drastically - and so are the people. Many of them feel overwhelmed and question the traditions of their home. Instead of living according to their parents' wishes, they demand self-realization and self-determination.

China's young generation and their attitude towards life is colorful and wide-ranged. In fact, it’s a big diversity of very different-minded people - and all of them have their own stories to tell. But there is one thing, most of them have in common: they have to deal with the pressure and conservative expectations of their families and society. And many of them have difficulties to identify with the places they are living in.

Some people move abroad. Some adapt. But for many people it remains difficult to reconcile their own dreams with those of their parents. Not seldom, people in their mid-twenties come home for spring festival and face stressful questions about why they are not married yet. The traditional ideas of the parents’ generation and the modern concept of the youth has caused a huge gap.

They are people of a young and modern generation, living in an old world. The question is, will this world and these people get along in the end?

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  • Danhong, 27

  • Jincan, 23 & Qiqi, 25

  • Zhexu, 20

  • Yuzong, 18

  • Shengdong, 28

  • Yile, 23

  • Lin, 21

  • Yadan, 28

  • Zhiyu, 22 & Lu, 21

  • Zhuo, 23

  • Yue, 23

  • Cheng, 22

  • Mingtian, 21

  • Chuang, 30 & Yi, 28

  • Yiyi, 26

  • Zidi, 22

  • Jianing, 21

  • Xiaofan, 22 & Yanran, 21

  • Cai, 25