Agnieszka Sejud

2016 - Ongoing

This is a country where European political standards are considered radical. Where the separation of church and state is considered anticlericalism, and where the Catholic church is a privileged institution – it does not pay taxes, has widespread influence and considerable wealth. Where 87% of the population are baptized Catholics but whose faith is rather selective and syncretic – contrary to Christian teachings, some believe in reincarnation and destiny. Where a million people stand on the border to pray the rosary together and members of the clergy seem like they have committed all seven deadly sins.

Not all members of the society (women, racial and sexual minorities) are considered full citizens. And homosexuality is still treated as a disease by some.

Forests resemble wild dumps. Mass destruction of trees and the coal-based power industry result in us breathing smog.

Propaganda is spread by the public media. The internet makes manipulation easier; the network has become another channel for the distribution of lies. The truth has become outdated and has been rendered invalid a long time ago. It is no longer necessary if one can effectively play on people’s emotions.

Project HOAX includes collages and direct shots, all taken in Poland by Agnieszka Sejud between 2016 and 2019.

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