Agnieszka Sejud

2015 - Ongoing

“HIDE” was inspired by a biological phenomenon and personal experiences. In animal world camouflage can be achieved by different methods, such as by setting up similar colours and patterns to resemble to local background. In mimesis (also called masquerade), the camouflaged object looks like something else which is of no special interest to the observer. Mimesis is common in prey animals, for example when a peppered moth caterpillar mimics a twig, or a grasshopper mimics a dry leaf. Camouflage could be used by a prey to avoid detection by a predator and by a predator to avoid scaring off prey. Mimesis is also widely used in military. Using a camouflage is an effective way to stay hidden and unnoticed, thus feel safe. Hiding from external world was always tempting for me. In my adolescence I used to imitate behaviour and appearance of other people. I do not do it anymore and it is a relief. I am reconciled with myself but I still have to spend a lot of time alone to feel well and to properly connect with inner self. I feel too much among people. Hiding is my way of escapism.

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