Crystal Abyss

Agnieszka Gotowała

2017 - 2019

Norway; Poland

„Crystal Abyss” is related to the essence of searching for inner home and self in reference to the multidimensional relationship with nature. It’s a wandering thought permeating inside and nature spaces, which is coincided to the process of recovering self by transforming inner landscapes that have been appropriated again into parts of myself.

It started when some time ago during many visits in the woods I had the recurring feeling, that I exist fully only in the face of nature. Towards nature, I felt like I’m making revisits. I was searching for "in-situ" places, where there appear sublte union, indirectly related to refuge and I experienced nature in its various states and elements.

Through being in the nature and experiencing it in different ways this multi-sensory participation in the landscapes made possible to see their echo inside. Observation of the complexity of the states of nature, all of its elements, it has become a guidepost in descent deep recognizing and reaching the hidden states, emotions and feelings inside me. I looked at these internal landscapes and recovering lost parts of myself, that have been appropriated in the past. The landscapes and their character had become the soul guides through my inner spaces. This deep and multidimentional relationship with the nature begun and initiated the self relation and transformation. Over there, I was finding, picking out lost parts and different aspects of myself and little by little acquainting them to let them grow to gather, connect and integrate. Significant meaning had the notion of symbiosis and autonomy, the place where is the boundary between the inside and outside.

In my realizations I’m both in pictures and taking photos. I was inspired by the concept of "crystal eye" - an eye that simultaneously looks outward and inward, allowing being in a space where it’s possible to experience different realities simultaneously.

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