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A Year Book

Agnieszka Sosnowska

2013 - Ongoing

I immigrated to Iceland 15 years ago. My home is a farm in East Iceland. I am an elementary school teacher. I teach at a small countryside school. These photographs are of my students, husband, friends, and new Icelandic family. I am documenting a path in life I never planned or expected.

Being an immigrant is perhaps the most difficult transition any human being can go through. Many times I wanted to just give up. There is comfort in the familiar. Today I’m glad I didn’t. I have created a life I never imagined. It is mine.

As a woman I feel both the physical and emotional toll that comes with ageing. The changes that occur to the body are humbling.

I have grown in three ways since moving to Iceland. The first is becoming a wife, the second is learning to compromise in a marriage and the third is coming into my own as a woman. I have found strength and a support amongst Icelandic women. This encouraged me to become confident and celebrate who I am rather than apologise for it.

As a teacher from another country I have found tolerance, acceptance and caring from this small community of young people. Through the years I have watched them learn, grow, love, and grieve as they leave childhood to become young adults. I do not have children of my own.

Since arriving at this school I have realised the power an adult can make in a child’s life. It is immense. I am fulfilled as both a woman and a teacher in this very small community. It is a privilege.

From beneath my dark cloth, I compose the edges of a story that reveals my inclusion to a place. My photographs are the language that connects me to truths deep within myself. In that split of a second when the lens shutter clicks, fantasy and reality become one and I ' belong' to the moment.

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  • Transplanting Turf. 2020. Iceland

  • Surveying Erosion. 2020. Iceland

  • Winter Tracks. 2019. Iceland

  • Arnar in the Fish Drying Racks. 2015. Iceland

  • Arney's Pets. 2013. Iceland

  • The Arrival. 2015. Iceland

  • Pulling Threads. 2020. Iceland

  • Auðun´s Stance. 2020. Iceland

  • Örn becoming a Farmer. 2020. Iceland

  • Runar Resting. 2020. Iceland

  • Petting Falki.2020.Iceland

  • Thaw. 2018.Iceland

  • Reseeding the Land. 2020. Iceland

  • A Walk. 2020. Iceland

  • The Wrong Fit. 2018. Iceland.

  • Vigdís's Geology. 2020. Iceland.

  • Morning Frost. 2017. Iceland

  • Camping. 2020. Iceland