Agnese Morganti

2011 - 2015


Dreams and daily lives of the young Chinese generation in Italy. As children of the wave of Chinese migration to Italy in the 1990s, many young Chinese-Italians now search for an identity that acknowledges their traditional family background and their future in Italy — a country in which they were born and raised. Others are young travellers from China who have chosen to settle in Florence, Rome, and Milan to pursue their dreams of becoming artists, singers, and fashion designers in the Italian mould.

In the background, a drama plays out. The Chinese community in Italy is still labelled as obscure, unknown, and controversial and has become renowned for issues surrounding illegal labour and counterfeit ‘Made in Italy’ luxury goods.

Made in Italy explores this delicate love-and-hate relationship between the Chinese and Italian communities through the faces and experiences of the young Chinese living in Italy.

The project was supported by FRESH! Young Italian Photographers, a photostory and editing masterclass for ten selected emerging Italian photographers. Made in Italy was exhibited at 10b Photography Gallery (Rome) as part of FRESH! final group show and published in Italian magazine IoDonna in February 2015. It was also shortlisted as a finalist for the Marco Pesaresi Award and the Portfolio Italia Award in 2015 and exhibited at Centro Italiano per la Fotografia d'Autore in Bibbiena, in November 2015.

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  • Prato, Inside the Hey Boy, a Chinese nightclub.

  • Florence, Two young members of a Chinese association gather for a meeting.

  • Prato, Pink balloons as decorations for a Chinese engagement party.

  • Milan, a Chinese dance crew at a K-Pop dance contest.

  • Prato, Chinese-Italian actor Shi Yang Shi rehearses his autobiographical show Tong Men-g

  • Prato, Members of the Chinese Roman Catholic community gather for a party at the local church.

  • Milan, fashion designer Gao He has moved to Italy from China to pursue a career in the fashion world. After graduating from Polimoda in Florence, she is now based in Milan and Paris.

  • Prato, After the Chinese New Year Celebrations in central Prato, members of the dragon parade run towards the local Buddhist temple, where a communal lunch is taking place.

  • Florence, Miss Asian Party beauty pageant contestants take the stage during the final round of voting. The girls have gathered in Florence from all over Italy.

  • Florence, Chinese singer Isabelle Huang Ling in the VIP room of a Florentine club. Isabelle has travelled to Italy from China especially to perform at a Chinese private party.

  • Prato, the Gospel Choir of the Chinese Evangelical Church

  • Florence, Taiwanese American singer Jason Chen performs at an Asian Party, a club event for Chinese-Italian youth.

  • Florence, Friends at a party

  • Florence, Dancer and TV personality Xu Ruichi trains at a public park in Florence.

  • Milan, A dance crew at a K-Pop dance contest

  • Campi Bisenzio (Florence). Angelo Hu, a member of the local town council, wears the sash bearing the Italian flag colours to celebrate a wedding between two Chinese nationals. Campi Bisenzio and nearby village San Donnino are two of the historical settlements of the Chinese community in Tuscany.

  • Florence, blogger and journalist Malia Zheng before a horse riding lesson.

  • Prato, Singer Marc Lee (stage name of Marco Zhou) during the shooting for a video. Marc has been recently featured on an Italian talent show and is pursuing a career in pop music.

  • Florence, Chinese students of the BA Fashion Design course at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti work on a sewing project. Florence is one of the top destinations for the young Chinese travelling to Italy to pursue a career in fashion, under the blessing of the Italian artistic and cultural heritage.

  • Prato, A group of girls pose for a photo during a summer party

  • Prato, a big bunch of red roses is delivered for the bride to be during a Chinese engagement party

  • Florence, young party-goers pose for a welcome photo before an Asian Party event

  • Florence, Cristina and Jessica, both fashion design students, pose for a photo in the San Frediano neighbourhood of Florence

  • Rome. young revellers celebrate New Year's Eve in a club of Ciampino (Rome)

  • Florence, fashion designer Cristina Zheng

  • Florence, Isabelle Huang Ling performs at an Asian Party

  • Florence, Asian Party

  • Florence, A group of friends enjoying dinner together

  • Florence, a group of Chinese and Italian friends pose for a portrait.

  • Prato, inside a fast-fashion workshop. Garments on racks are covered in well-wishing red cloths for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

  • Prato, faithfuls at the Chinese Evengelical Church

  • Prato, a family watches the Chinese New Year parade held in the industrial district from their car.