Adriane de Souza

2020 - Ongoing


Qawiya (قوية), is the Arabic word for strong. This word is a perfect adjective for these women.

These photo series is an ongoing project about women in sports in Qatar. I decided to do this project because of the importance of women in sports worldwide, but more specifically the importance of women in sports in the region.

These women are an inspiration for the next athletes in the country and many of them have faced difficulties when pursuing their dream.

Afaaf, Amal, and Mariam have shared their journeys with me.

Afaaf Alqorane is the first female boxer in the MENA region and is still the only female boxer in the country, having to compete with men in local and regional competitions.

Amal Mohed is a basketball player and had was only able to play in 2013 when the use of hijab was permitted. She is also the first FIBA referee in Qatar.

Mariam Farid is one of the first women to compete in the IAAF in Qatar.

All these women have stories of leadership, strength, and perseverance in male dominated environments. They bring fresh air, determination, and inspiration for other young aspiring athletes, not only in the country but also in the region. I believe these photos can be positive to achieve this and to reach other young women.

This is an ongoing project, where I intend to photograph as many women as possible.

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  • Amal in her basketball player uniform

  • Amal in her referee uniform

  • Amal

  • Afaaf during practice

  • Afaaf in her home, when we first met

  • Afaaf

  • Afaaf

  • Afaaf in the zekreet desert

  • Afaaf

  • Maha

  • Mariam Farid and I met before the start of the project to discuss my ideas. She asked me to take some portraits of her without her uniform as well.

  • Mariam Farid

  • Aya

  • Maha

  • Maha and Aya. Two young women who were very excited about the project.

  • Maha and Aya.

  • Aya