Duque de Caxias

Adriane de Souza

2017 - Ongoing

Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Duque de Caxias is a city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Negative coverage and discouraging news are extremely common. The city has a very interesting history, inspiring people and beauty that is constantly ignored and suffocated by the amount of violence and police brutality that surfaces the newspapers, tv and internet.

Duque de Caxias is a leader in domestic violence, robbery and homicide by police intervention. All these negative news can definitely affect the way the population feels about their hometown, about other and about themselves.

My opinion might be biased, as Duque de Caxias is my hometown. However, doing nothing about this was not an option.

In this series, I intend to show humanity, love and beauty in the midst of all the negativity. Because there is beauty, there is always beauty, and we need to show it. To uplift the spirits of the people, to encourage and create content so beauty is also portrayed, because nothing is just bad, nothing is just good.

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