Gold Cathedral

Adelaide Di Nunzio

2017 - Ongoing

The Gold Cathedrals series moves on new experiences. Concerning the culture of the“Opposites” and at the same time attracted by new perspectives on “Real and Unreal World “ that before was unknown to her begins and stops for a “Theater of the Real”

It gives life to its golden cathedrals of a world of consumers in which people are always looking for a permanent identity

As in a surreal diary, the viewer goes through “Snapshots “

of everyday life that took place on iridescent interface between perfect artificiality and the move in an authentic natural way.

The playful serial arrangement of images with variable intervals makes it clear that it is the photographer does not want a linear collection only of beautiful photos, but of information of a complex network of relations of a heterogeneous puzzle.

The project is in working progress, the goal is an art photo book .

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