Alice de Kruijs

2019 - 2020

In this serie I honour my beloved grandmother. She has been a friend and inspiration my entire life. Although she passed away in 1994, when I was just 13 year old my memories are vibrant.

This year (2020), August 2nd she would have celebrated her 100th birthday. On this day, I have published the complete body of work. In some images, I created a new image from the original photo. These original photos where selected from our family photo books. The story starts with an image of an embryo, expressing her birth, following with an image of my grandmother at age 3. It continues with images of her when she was a young teenager and as a young adult just before World War II. During the war, not many pictures were taken of her. The first image after WWII is the marriage photo. She struggled with a lot of miscarriages in the late 1940's but finally my father was born in May 1950, It would be her only child. During the 1980's she started having breast cancer and later on bone cancer. After many years trying to fulfil life as much as possible, she died from bone cancer at age 74. The last image represents her death.

As this is a very personal project and shot during COVID 19 period I only photographed myself or my direct family members. This created an even stronger bound.


This serie is dedicated to Jeanne Margaretha de Kruijs - Slotboom

02-08-1920 | 14-01-1994

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