Factory Walls

Adam Wiseman

Factory Walls

Photos Adam Wiseman

Factory Walls is a short photo essay that looks at the modern factory environment by focusing on one aspect of the factory: Its walls.

The walls of a factory are what keep the workers and the outside World separated. Their emptiness and sterility are a reflection of the atmosphere within the factory. A policy of neutral and impersonal space where manifestations of individuality are frowned upon and in most cases prohibited creates a somber atmosphere.

These walls are so impersonal in-fact they could be anywhere in the world, rarely are there any clues as to where the factory might be located: A sign in Spanish, a Virgin statue are only 2 clues that let us know we are in a Catholic Spanish speaking country. The standardization of industry is a reflection of the way we live our lives, cultures are becoming fused together with every generation. Cultural identities are eroded away and evolve into a contemporary global modern standard.

In addition to the walls being a reflection of social trends, the walls speak to me on an aesthetic level: Abstract graphic compositions of open white spaces broken by rectangular windows, colorful electrical sockets, pipes, an emergency medical stretcher and fire hydrants. Accidental design created by utilitarian rules and regulations.

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