Arquitectura libre, exhibición a domicilio

Adam Wiseman

2014 - Ongoing


An exhibition delivered to your home.

Arquitectural libre is a long-term project on the self-built environment. It focuses primarily on the architecture of remittances; the fantastical houses being built by financing from Mexican immigrants in the US who send money home. Arquitectura libre explores the idea of a home more as symbol than as function.

Approaching the theme of migration through its architecture opens up a somewhat unique perspective on a much-reported subject. It poses questions of not only displacement but of replacement, wherein these homes symbolically "replace" the migrant in the most visible of ways.

Arquitectura libre is a story of displacement, replacement, identity, culture, classism,

racism, education, perseverance – and mistakes.

A celebration of architecture that transcends convention and bears witness to dreams.

Many of the exhibitions for this project have been cancelled or postponed as a result of the current health crises. Opting out of a virtual experience and, committed to the materiality of construction and that of the printed image, I am sending the exhibition to your home. Available to the public is a library edition of these kits. For the past couple of months anyone who requests an exhibition kit from the website can explore the work from their home without having to purchase it. These are on loan for two weeks and the public is encouraged to add a drawing, a poem, a piece of textile or any other two-dimensional object to the kit before returning it. The response has been significant and I have had to pause the sending out of kits until I am able to procure the financing to produce more kits and administer them.

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