house at hundred cats

Adam Kencki

2011 - Ongoing

Mělník, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

House at Hundred Cats is about love. Peter and Helena were together long before I met them and I have known them before Katy and Viky were born and they both now go to school. Štěpán, Helena´s son from her first marriage is now dating girls and I still see him so clearly how he was playing with lego when I first arrived.

I took a bus from Prague and I went to visit them for the first time but because I went for a beer just before I took the bus with one of our common friend – He died a couple of years later in a train accident – I had to get out of the bus before I got to my stop to pee and so I arrived late because I had to walk for about two hours.

We became friends almost immediately and we shared some of the best moments of our lives together. Their house was my safe place whenever I needed to get out. In the end this is about love so strong that it could not last.

Peter and Helena got divorced and I have not yet visited them since. I actually don´t know whom I should visit the first.

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