Home Again

Adam Kencki

2012 - Ongoing

Petrovice u Karviné, Czech Republic

Home again. Karol Sidon writes in the first book of the tetralogy about foxes that give good night, something in the sense that Jews have never been home anywhere for a long time. They were constantly expelled from somewhere and had to move, so they carried their home with them, and home was just where they were at that moment. Not that Adam wanted to compare his totally voluntary wandering around the world with the suffering of the Jewish people, but he had moved from place to place fourteen to eighteen times. He lived or lives in the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and for some time also in Israel.

The terms “at home”, “home” and “outside” go through the whole work of the artist from the very beginning. In 2012, after several years of travelling around Europe and mopping floors in the hostels, he returned to his sister's wedding, and at the same time began studying at the Ostravien University photography studio of Michal Kalhous. Most of all he photographed his family, especially his grandparents. He just missed them and wanted to spend with them as much time as possible. Maybe he hadn't realised how important “home” was for him before, though the titles of some of the projects and exhibitions (About what I did outside, Quality time, The House of One Hundred Cats, Grandfather's Suitcase, My Life with R, About what I was doing in Jerusalem) could probably give a hint. Only when reading Sidon's books, it seems, he realised that home is not about places but about people.

This series is about who is home for him.

Break away. Bread with butter turned upside down. Expose yourself the sun for thousand times. Look through the window into empty memory. Garden as a cosmological sketch. Silent order of things. Sunday playing with time. Question asked to the halved dough Steaming vapors. Hover over the waters. Helping life in the depths of flower beds. Faun's late afternoon. Let your hands rest. The slight bubbling of foam. Standing internal waters. Silent Being. Circling mythical time. Handwriting on top of a cake. Leaving and coming back. Fragrance under jewelry. Careful walk on top of apples. Sleep. To be latent with love. Unknowingly reflect.

A family is a life flowing through you from who you got it to whom you give it. Home is a place where this life is intensively realized at moments that you have not experienced before.

text by Lucia L. Fišerová

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