Amanda Cots Martínez

2020 - Ongoing

Valencia, Spain; Spain

Garbí is a wind that blows from the Sahara desert to the spanish Levante area carrying dust, sand and heat. Since I was a child, I was told this wind also brings madness and is responsible for the odd personality of the people who inhabit my region (La Safor), a small region located at the mediterranean spanish coast.

I used this belief of the winds of madness to visually explore the relationship I have with my hometown, focusing on the particular signs of this wind and how it affects the space and people. For this purpose, I designed a performative and playful game between members of my family, friends and different spaces and locations.The purpose of this game was to create a fantasy universe, removed from the typical and wellspread touristic image of the mediterranean.

I’ve been observing how local identities have been gradually replaced by a more globalised culture. This project is an attempt to preserve the magical universe of the people who inhabit La Safor. My aim is to generate questions about concepts like identity, what is considered normal or normative and how our background has a decisive impact in the person we end up becoming.

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