ana casal

2014 - 2018

I started with this project in 2014 till 2018. It is more significant to find myself trough timeless and fragmented flashes than the places where I took these photographs.

The images of Fractions are an invitation to explore the subtleness of the visible but also the feelings that spectator may discover.

It is easier for me as a photographer to stand in front of other person with my camera than dealing with my own image.

On the threshold of the representations, I emerge sometimes in a mirror, a reflection, a shadow or a mask.

Beyond allegories, key topics manifest themselves: the blurring and time traces.

I would share a text of Clarice Lispector- Not to forget- 2011

"Who looks at a mirror while achieving the impartiality of himself, who can see without seeing , who understands that its depth is to be empty, who walks into the interior of its transparent space without leaving in it the vestige of the own image, the, he perceived his mystery"

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