Fragments of a River

Angela Blazanovic

2019 - Ongoing

‘Fragments of a River’ is an anthropological study of the River Thames.

The photographs reimagine the lost narratives of discarded objects and aim to reveal new ways of seeing the River – highlighting the beauty that lies within it – while also contemplating the destruction of the litter and plastic pollution.

The series depicts sculptural arrangements of objects found and photographed along the riverbank. Through the repeated act of sculpting, and also drawing on the aesthetics of Dutch still life painting, the artist forms fragmented pieces of litter into delicate compositions worth looking at. We are invited to delve into an experience of appreciation for old and worthless objects, which we have grown oblivious to.

As we learn new ways of looking at our waste as traces of human existence, we find

ourselves confronted with our immediate impact on the environment; and in particular the river which is at the central core of the City of London.

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  • Black Plastic Pot, Green Wire, Yellow Baseball, Flower and Rosemary I

  • Yellow Piece of Plastic, Yellow Pipe, Small Piece of Glass and Half of a Blue Ball

  • Red WireBall and a Salad Leaf

  • Red Wire, Glass Bottle and a Tennis Ball

  • Branch, Piece of Plastic, Blue Plastic Ball, Tennis Ball and a Painted Styrofoam Egg

  • Two Glass Bottles, Pint Glass, Round Metal Plate, some Wire and a White Tile I

  • Plastic Flower Pot, Piece of Wood, Piece of Plastic and some Blue Styrofoam

  • Blue Football, Blue Wire with Stone, Piece of Glass and a Hairbrush