The build up

Abigail Varney

2018 - Ongoing

The build up refers to the climatic pattern in the Australian top end during which the weather transitions from the dry to monsoon. There is a steady rise in ambient temperature, oppressive humidity. A chorus of dark threatening clouds roll through only to produce a few tantalising raindrops. The air remains thick and heavy. The year closes prompting celebration or neglect and for the monsoon’s rescue and release. Mango madness prevails; mangos ripen and fall from trees while the people experience emotional lability and unstable moods. At last, the rain brings peace and equilibrium.

Abigail’s work captures the tension and relief in Darwin’s unique climate. We see transition, madness and melancholy. The natural and built environments respond to and reflect the build-up. Abigail’s work explores both sides. Native birds perch languidly on roofs; creeks and oceans are cloudy and restless; the locals celebrate Christmas in sweaty resignation. The psychological push-pull of the weather affects all. We submit briefly to natures versatile bounty.

The build-up: it comes with the Territory.

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