Aleksandra Bardas

2018 - Ongoing

This project has been dealing with the topic of the representation of black women and women of color in German society since 2018. My aim is to portray women who have the courage to speak openly about their own experiences with racism and problems in society. Women who, regardless of their age, profession and origin, show their character, visions, charisma and willpower. Often the needs of black women and the WOC are ignored, although they can also face multiple forms of discrimination. Be it gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, etc. This is confirmed, among other things, by their low level of representation in society, as well as low levels of notification in the media, politics and education systems. This project aims to support the community to create more space for presence and to create more courage to defend their rights. On the other hand, the project serves to attract more attention in German society and in the media, to present the problems openly and to open an equal discussion platform so that old patterns can be reconsidered and new solutions found. The association Adefra, founded by black women in Germany, has existed since 1986. The Adefra principle is: "The woman who shows courage."


I met and got to know all of my heroines by chance. I didn't choose them based on their racist experiences, but it turns out, that each of them, faces it more or less every day. Experiences of racism are not isolated cases in Germany. It starts in nurcery school, later in school and then in professional and everyday life.

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  • Rose studies special education for children and researches how the learning process affects person and how it affects that person's life. She is involved in the political party for people with an integration background and for those who have an African background.

  • Katie is a computer scientist, who is socially and politically involved and often takes part in the organization of afro -festivals.

  • Donia Touglo is a singer-songwriter, performance artist and actress. She sees herself and feels like a multidimensional artistic being,
    that has an earthly experience. In her music she plays with several genres - from
    Global pop to afrobeats / house, electronics, neo-soul, psychedelic and others. Or just “what
    feels good for the soul ”- as Donia Touglo describes it herself. She writes her texts in
    Ewe, English and in the language of your soul. She is politically active and takes part in demonstrations for stopping racism.

  • Julliete works as a nurse and plans to move to England in the future. In her free time she goes to boxing training. She loves to wear dresses.

  • Due to constant racist attacks, she has often doubted her self-confidence and she finds her calm and belief in herself in music.

  • Katie in preparation for a video blogger interview sharing her experience with racism.

  • Sarah is a professional singer and teacher. She has a talent for finding special people around her. She set up her band on her own and has great organizational skills.

  • Mokebia is great mom. She works in an insurance company and manages to take care of the household and spend time with her 4 children. And do it with a lot of love and fun.

  • Farida and her little sister are often subjected to double discrimination. Often they have to fight against prejudices. Bad career opportunities are often pointed out to her by society.But she never gives up.

  • The young generation likes to take part in African cultural events and already in puberty they become politically and socially active. They like to help by associations and find out how to protect yourself against racism in schools.

  • Julliette has her clear political statement and often goes to the demonstrations"Stop N-word" or "BLM".

  • Farida lives in Kiel and she likes to spend time by the sea. She is only 20, studying teaching in English and Spanish. She teaches in an education center, is politically and socially involved in the association of African women, the Muslim association Ghana, has received multiple scholarships and helps a family to take care of a disabled child.

  • Farida and her little sister Jamila.Jamila loves to draw and paint. She is 14 and is only beginning to explore the subject of "being black" by painting and drawing.

  • African Factory was organized by black people of various origins. It is a club restaurant, an event space for all people and cultures. Openness, friendliness, African food and black music prevail here.African Factory was organized by black people of various origins. It is a club restaurant, an event space for all people and cultures. Openness, friendliness, African food and black music prevail here. There is no place for racism here.

  • Sarah sings songs in German but also in Tigrinya. She is working on a project where she translates the songs of Tigrinya into German in order to bring them closer to the people.

  • Mokebia is heavily pregnant with Nelson, her youngest son, and although she is tired, she likes to play outside with children.

  • Juliette while singing in the park as preparation for her appearance on a TV show.