Ahang Ahmadi

2018 - 2020

Tehrān, Iran

This collection consists of portraits of people who are referred to as "Shakhhayeh Instagram" in Persian, meaning " Insta Fab's".

Their fame and reputation only exists within the virtual world and is dependent on their looks and behavior. This fame is vital to their lives as they see no future without Instagram.

This subculture of "Shakhhayeh Instagram" in particular has been on a quest for recognition and all the thrills that come with that fame and quasi-stardom. On this quest, the tools of the journey are sparkly nails, lip gels, poisonous botox, and an assortment of cosmetic surgeries, particularly the ones of the facial kind, as its the only place that can openly be presented in the public here in Iran.

It's interesting that by the end of the journey they all tend to look oddly similar, as though following a single prototype of an exaggerated identity, which seems to be the final mission of this quest.

The special thing about "Shakhyaheh Instagram" is their pursuit for this unconventional beauty. During this project, when we talked to each of them, their reasoning behind these surgeries and unusual aesthetics was resembling people who had already achieved a certain level of recognition; or elevated status.

Their addiction to followers brings with it a path to advertisement, as beauty clinics see their target audience within their pool of followers. Further emphasizing this identity that is so interwoven with Instagram, they become latched to this newly formed identity, which then slowly morphs the society around them.

This project is the process of two photographers, working together for this specific subject matter. We have tried to take pictures without any bias or judgment.

©Ahang Ahmadi and ©Matin jamei

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  • One day their mask will drop and so will your jaw, as you stare into a strangers eyes.

  • People this day and age, just have their heads in their phones or in other peoples lives.
    Age: 23
    Followers: 35K

  • Evil eyes be gone.
    age: 42
    Followers: 380K

  • I'm making a future that my past will bow to.
    Age: 20
    Followers: 30K

  • Confuse them with your silence; Astonish them with your actions.
    Age: 29
    Followers: 96K

  • Don't judge so fast, you are only seeing what i want you to see.
    age 20
    Followers: 135K

  • From now on, I wont spend a minute on anyone who can't make me happier, richer, or more successful.
    Age: 21 , 23
    Followers: 124K , 60K

  • Everyday repeat to yourself, I'm my most valuable possession.
    Age: 22
    Followers: 46K

  • I'm the OG, The rest are wannabes!
    Age: 22
    Followers: 121K

  • A tamed wild tiger is more delightful than spoiled house cat that everyone adores.
    Age: 25
    Followers: 92K

  • The attractive one is me, the rest are just copycats.
    Age: 28
    Followers: 22K

  • No one will come to save you from yourself, from your inner demons, your lack of self confidence and your dissatisfaction with life, only by loving yourself and by making your own decisions you can save yourself.
    Age: 23
    Followers: 199K

  • Someone told me your always surrounded by chaos but are still pure. it was the nicest description of me.
    Age: 20 , 25
    Followers: 142K , 99K