People of Morocco

Amadeu Martinez Silvoso



Photos taken in October 2018 in Morocco, seeking to emphasize social and cultural characteristics, highlighting habits, routines, and typical aspects of the people of the country.

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  • Attending the call of the Mosque

  • Blue turban man

  • Boy selling bread

  • King's guard

  • Man making tea

  • Man with camels

  • Marrakesh Medina seller

  • Musicians of the desert

  • Nomad woman with her son on the back

  • Old man in typical costumes

  • Old seller of the Medina

  • Towards the mosque of Casablanca

  • Woman coming out of the shade

  • Woman taking her kids to school

  • Woman with burca in the street

  • Woman with smartphone in the shadow

  • Women of burka and old cyclist