Into the light

Zohreh Saberi

2015 - Ongoing

Māzandarān, Iran

Raheleh, 13 years old and born blind, is living in a highland village called Heijleh in north of Iran. Her father is a cattleman and a tiller. Her mother, while afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), helps family in daily works. In her village, Heijleh, there is no school, and Raheleh has to pass a long muddy road which is more than 1 kilometer every day alone. The most annoying thing that bothers her is walking this long, arduous and craggy road. But due to her enthusiasm in learning, she is not disappointed.

In spite of her born disability which caused her not to see her surroundings, she has not stopped her effort and curiosity to know the life. Colors have no sense for her, and the only thing she sees in days is absolute whiteness and at night darkness. During the day, Sun gives her the pleasant feeling of safety and security. She does not like the night coming.

The seeking spirit of Raheleh makes her to have a new comprehension by touching the things, listening to the voices around and feeling warmness and coldness, and thus imagining their connections in her world. She loves nature and by asking questions about the things, she tries to discover new way for better living.

Her hope to life and her efforts are incredible. She is a good example of a woman who regardless of physical difficulties, tries to go on and go on. Instead of fearing from outside and immersing in the solitudes, she faces boldly with the problems and welcome whatever which might be happened.

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  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, coming back home from her school; she passes this long road alone every day.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, touching the plants around her house. She always walks by herself between the plants and flowers in certain hours of the day and is very interested in cultivating them.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, standing behind the window in the morning. She likes the warmness of the sunlight on her face.

  • Rahele, 13, born blind, doing her homework in her room. She always sits in front of windows and the light because of fear of darkness.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, playing in her courtyard. She enjoys swinging and the only thing she sees in the course of the day, is the whiteness of the sunlight.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, walking in a forest near her house. She feels the leaves by touching them with her face.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, coming back home from School. Due to the fact that their village is lacking in paved road and transportation which make the situation for its habitants worse, Raheleh has to cover a distance of more than one kilometer alone every day.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, entering the house. She feels fear and danger by changing the light situation and increasing and decreasing it. She tries entertains herself by walking.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, listening to her brothers’ noise who are playing game around their house. She is sad of not being able to play with them.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, touching the plants in her courtyard. In the afternoon, when the brightness of the sunlight is getting faded, she sees the trees and her surroundings as suspending shadows.

  • Rahele, 13, born blind, sitting alone in her room after doing her homework. The rest of the family is doing daily works out of house.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, is listening to her brothers playing in the yard. She listens to the sound around her carefully and tries to feel their motion.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, shinning the flashlight in her eyes. In the midnight, because of fear of darkness, she is used to shinning the light of flashlight or mobile in her eyes from close distance.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, accompanied by her parents in their courtyard in the afternoon. They are playing with Raheleh after finishing daily works.

  • Raheleh, 13, born blind, is so anxious at nights due to lack of sunlight. Her eyes can only distinguish the bright light.