Rohtse Lang, Coyote Karl un dä Moppe Chris

Vera Loitzsch


This project is about my home town Pulheim- Sinnersdorf. It is a small village near Cologne where I grew up and spent most of the time in my life. Yet I wouldn't consider this place as my "Heimat". "Heimat" is a German word and can't really be translated into any other language. Closest could be "home" or "hometown".

6500 people live in Sinnersdorf, there is a supermarket and two little bars. Busses go only til 10pm and without a bike, especially young people, are screwed.

In this project I basically wanted to show the place I lived in for many years and since I left Sinnersdorf a year ago I wanted to do this in a mostly neutral view on it. It is not really personal yet it is, as I know most of the people I took portraits of and connect memories to the places shown on the pictures.

In the end it turned out to be a portrait of my hometown that taught me so much in the past but at the same time it is a distant view on it's sadness and weirdness as well. For someone that looks at the pictures it might seem like a typical German village, for me, personally, it is a typical German village that is so familiar in many ways that the whole project became really personal.

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