Dressed In Skin

Vera Loitzsch


What does Fashion mean to someone that rather not wear any clothes?

This question in mind led me to meet convinced Naturists at a social club in Dortmund, Germany, and ask them exactly that. In the forests just out of Dortmund the club’s terrain offers possibilities to spend free time, do sports or stay for the weekend, all naked! There is no need for clothing and the club members describe it as little paradise. It doesn’t matter what one wears, social standards that are connected to fashion are dismissed.

I met some of the members and asked them about their approach to fashion. Together we realised that even being naked is connected to Fashion somehow.

The book about the project contains pictures, interviews and personal views on the topic of how Fashion affects or plays a role in a nudist's life and gives a glimpse of how the protagonists think about Fashion in general even though they dispense clothing most of the time.

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