About Sybren


Sybren Vanoverberghe (°1996, Kortrijk) is an artist based in Ghent, Belgium. His work functions as an analysis of the correlation between place and time and the ever recurring cycle of history. He searches for elements of myths, nature and heritage both within ordinary sites as in places of historical importance. By what process do we attach meaning to these locations? His practice deconstructs sites and brings together icons to form a new unity of the present. He is currently working on a new series ‘Birds No Longer Sing’, which is photographed in Iran. Here Vanoverberghe moves in closer on the landscape. The banality of a palm tree in a desolated dessert coincides with the aura of artefacts in cultural heritage sites, thereby exposing the transience of a place. Vanoverberghe his work has been published in books such as ‘¡Pírate!’ (2017) and 2099 (2018) by Art Paper Editions. He has exhibited at RIOT, Stieglitz19 and BredaPhoto. Vanoverberghe has collaborated with Ann Demeulemeester and his work has been published on American Suburb X, Paper Journal, GUP Magazine and De Standaard. Recently he co-founded the artist-run-spaces Pinguin in Brussels, BE and NO/Gallery in Ghent, BE. He is currently finishing the MFA programme in Photography at the School Of Arts / KASK in Ghent, Belgium. This year he will publish Birds No Longer Sing (2019) with Art Paper Editions and will show his work at the UNSEEN Photofair in Amsterdam, NL.

Age 23
Nationality Belgian
Born in Kortrijk, Belgium
Based in Gent, Belgium
Languages spoken Dutch, English, French, German

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Current Location: Belgium




¡Pírate! - Self Published


2099 - Published by Art Paper Editions