Doce Viajes al japón

Tania Barrientos

2017 - Ongoing

Yucatán, Mexico

I met Laura, Erick and Yazmín in a town called Tahdziú in southern Yucatán looking for a man who embroider by hand. There many men embroider to help their women in the home’s economy, Erick's grandfather is one of them. At first I did not have a clear photographic purpose, but in living with the family I am always documenting as much as I can with my camera. In almost all their dynamics children are present all the time. A Mayan family always does everything in group, from eating to collecting watermelons and pumpkins to sell.

The beginning of this series coincided with the death of my maternal grandparents, with it I understood that a generational cycle ended in my life, that cycle had been marked since my childhood when my parents and I traveled several times to my place of origin, "Rancho el Japon" the house of my grandparents in rural Guerrero in southern Mexico.

Twelve trips to Japan is perhaps the last of those trips, the one that emerges from the fiction of my childhood memories that I often see reflected in the games of Yazmin with her parrots and flowers, in the shyness that accompanies Laura in her trance towards adolescence, or in the beautiful madness of Erick, of which I am already an accomplice; It is a game through which I discover the personality of these three children, their desires and imaginary. In this game nature always surrounds us and gives us the stories that emerge from its mystery.

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