On the Banks of Nahal Sahaf I sat Down and Wept

Sofie Berzon MacKie

2018 - Ongoing


Last spring, at the beginning of a strained security situation along the Israeli- Gazan border, I set out to engage with the intensity of emotions that come with living in the Gaza Envelope settlements. What began as a raw response to our lands being torched by terror arson attacks, continued as a journey towards understanding the morphing web of memories, narratives and emotions that bind a person to her home. I use natural light to sift through the depths of the subconscious, eluding memories, blurry outlines of fragmented memories. In the blackness I find many things, scattered in an off-world place. It is a map of my inner topography outlined by war, love, fear and hope. These are the wadis and hills of a war-torn land, the land that is my home.

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