On a dark dark hill

Sofie Berzon MacKie

2018 - Ongoing


This series is a work in progress. Triggered by the events beginning in April 2018 in southern Israel- the Gaza envelope settlements and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict around the Gaza strip. My home is in the heart of all this, located less than 5 km from the border. I immigrated to Israel from London as a child. A couple of months later I lost my mother and scud missiles of the Gulf War begun landing. Immigration orphanhood and war defined my relationship with this land. Last summer was strained, the security situation unstable, hundreds of massive fires destroyed the land, sirens and rockets from the Gaza strip in yet another cycle of mutual violence. I begun photographing the area surrounding my home, reflecting on the complex relationship I have with this place, where I have lost my mother and become a mother, 4 wars later, where I have lost and gained so much. I photograph thinking about identity love and loss, about the things that become the building blocks of identity. Of a childhood I had somewhere else, about creating surrogates for the things I left behind. I am in a process of building a relationship with what has been my home for so many years but I never felt like I belong here. Beginning with the parched and scorched, barren landscape, scarred by war. One year cycle, the softening of the winter light, rain. Nature recovering from the heat of the summer Hamsin and the rage of war.

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