On Every Third Day

Sina Niemeyer

2021 - Ongoing

Berlin, Germany

On the night of August 05, 2020, 15-year-old Noelle comes across a random man at the train station on her way home. An hour later, she is dead. According to the investigation, the man first raped and then strangled her to death for at least six minutes. A murder that must be called what it is, a femicide: women and girls killed because of their gender.

While this case won't even show in any statistics and media continuously fails to report accordingly and with due respect, there is an attempted murder of a woman by her (ex-) partner every single day in Germany. On every second to third day it is completed.

This violence doesn't happen the other way around regarding gender and it is more than a criminal offense; it is the top of the pyramid of misogyny.

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