The Mourners

shahab Naseri

2015 - Ongoing

Ashura is known as the most important religious event in the Shiite Muslims’ culture. A magnificent ceremony takes place on the event of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom (of the Shiite primates) And his fellow followers, all over the world, on a yearly basis in the AH calendar.

I live in a geography in which the government is built up upon a religious structure. A significant number of days are spent throughout the year, mourning. All in all, the atmosphere of the country is embedded with rue other than joy. In fact, a great portion of contemporary Iran is still struggling with traditions and religion.

To me, going through these behaviors and beliefs results in imbibing a collection of the cultural and religious subjects regarding a country of which its revolution in 1979 was entangled with the same religious streams.

I have decided to pick out Bijar, a city whose population is among the most religious Shiite communities in the world, in search of this culture and the sociology of Ashura.

The current project contains a number of Ashura photos which have been worked through for 5 years. These photos could be a firm confirmation over Iran’s absolute religious state.

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