Resignation to life

Mattia Paladini


"Resignation to Life" is a project of landscape photography in Iceland. We are human beings, living beings and we are part of a planet that has a life of its own, and we are part of it. Sometimes we ignore the life of the Earth, which if viewed from a distance can be compared to the life of humans. During the course of our lives happen events that change us, make us suffer to suffocate, unconsciously our spirit of survival, our pride, our love keeps us afloat until we accept the pain. The Icelandic landscape besieged by the most brutal and marvelous forces on the planet is a perfect metaphor of this Resignation to life. Swept by icy winds, closed in a grip of ice, beaten by the ocean always reborn; like a woman or a man who despite all the adversities they are subjected to continue their existence by not giving up, but accepting the course of events with extreme strength, beauty and dignity. A feeling that leads to motherhood, the instinct to continue to bring life even after the bloodiest battles.

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