Event horizon

Quentin Lacombe

2016 - Ongoing


“Event Horizon” is the term that designates the boundary around a black hole beyond which events cannot propagate, therefore warping the surrounding spacetime. This work is a personal attempt to construct a cosmology through photographic means. Under this rather idiosyncratic curved sky, different entities roam along an endless timeline: animals, organic matter, technological artifacts and architectural objects, all seen alike by a non-discriminating gaze, as if they inhabited his universe with equivalent agency in a flat ontology of sorts. Strangely though, human entities are absent, as if they had retreated inside many bunker like houses to hide from entropy’s radiation, an emission they themselves had actually

set in motion.

This work is located between documentary practice and experimental in the photographic medium. Documentary, allows a free formal approach and remains a creative work, a subjective perspective on a portion of the world. For two years now I collect images made in various observation sites which serve me to lay the scientific foundations of a universe science fictional which I am looking to build.

If we push the subjective nature of the documentary to the extreme, what remains of the real and where starts fiction? «Event Horizon» is the first step in a larger project that create links between photography, science and fiction.

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  • Laboratory_Triptych 1/3

  • Laboratory_Triptych 2/3

  • Laboratory_Triptych 3/3

  • Solargraphy_01_Six Month Race of the Sun_Pinhole Camera

  • Solargraphy_02_Six Month Race of the Sun_Pinhole Camera

  • Untitled_01

  • Solargraphy_03_Six Month Race of the Sun_Pinhole Camera

  • Untitled_02

  • Solargraphy_04_Six Month Race of the Sun_Pinhole Camera

  • Event Horizon_01

  • Event Horizon_02

  • Event Horizon_03

  • Event Horizon_04

  • Event Horizon_05

  • Untitled_03

  • Solargraphy_05_Six Month Race of the Sun_Pinhole Camera

  • Untitled_03