Kids of the Blue City

Ploy Suphalak Phutpheng

2019 - Ongoing

Jodhpur is well known for being one of the most photogenic places on earth which is definitely true. On the top of its lively blue streets, the city takes its uniqueness from its joyful souls. Among these souls there are Kids. They are part of this magic atmosphere which makes Jodhpur, one of a kind.

I met most of them while I was walking in the streets. Many of them were asking for "Photo" and I gave it to them. After the improvised photo shooting session and when it came to show them their portraits through my camera, they got this pure and innocent reaction that a kid has.

To share emotions is my goal through taking pictures and thanks to these moments spent together, they gave me tons of it in return.

With their untouched souls, they are eager to learn, to see and to discover the unusual, no matter what and these reasons will make these souls grow.

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