Monika Chrabąszcz-Tarkowska

2013 - 2018

The analog series “Prayers” was created in the span of four years, the time of my long, and often arduous, wanderings-pilgrimages. Being on the road was an endeavor to rediscover my way in a new reality; to reclaim myself after having experienced difficult changes in my personal life – like divorce. It was the time of questioning dogmas and deconstructing well-established ideas, also stemming from my conservative, Catholic upbringing at my family home.

Weary of the disturbances in my ultimate surroundings, I sought peace and harmony in seemingly trivial and simple scenes that I had encountered along the way. My deep longing for balance and meaning found its outlet and expression in ascetic, almost “altar-like”, often symmetrical frames. My internal struggles and dilemmas had shaped the way I perceived the reality around me; the reality which began to emanate with hidden symbolism and metaphysical depth. Consequently, my photographs do not document only the actual road, fixed in time and space and geographically identified, but also a mental one, a journey deep inwards.

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